Highlights of the tour

This tour starts with a visit to the Kennedy Space Center (NASA).  An experience in NASA is a unique educational learning experience that cannot be found anywhere. It is a 3 day visit provided by THE MODERN CLASSROOM - (Educational Tours for students) where

  • Students will be introduced to the concept of space travel. They will encounter and photograph the actual rockets, space crafts, space ships and capsules. They will re-live the historic launch of Apollo 8 at the firing room theatre and marvel at a monstrous 363 foot long Saturn V moon rocket.

  • They will also meet a veteran astronaut, who will conduct an open discussion about the future of space exploration.

  • Students will be presented with NASA engineering challenges based on science, technology, and mathematical components.

  • Hands on science and engineering projects will be designed by the students based on their age group. They will be given the opportunity of constructing and launching their own rockets with the help of educators.

  • Students will experience, imagine and interact through space shuttle mission simulations, tours of Kennedy space centre and participate in various challenges faced by astronauts.

  • Post the completion of this programme at the Kennedy Space Centre, students will be awarded certificates.

Students will then visit the Sea World /Universal Studios/Theme Park, which are full of attractions, entertainment and adventure.

Students will then fly to Buffalo, visit the Niagara falls and experience the Maid of Mist.

They will then visit Washington DC wherein they will visit the Capitol, Jefferson Memorial, Georgetown, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Museum, Capital Hill, White House etc.

They will visit the Hershley’s Chocolate Factory.

Finally, they will visit New York City, Ellis Island, United Nations, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rock Feller Center, NBC Center Times Square  etc.

All campers receive a camp KSC certificate, a specially designed camp KSC T-shirt as well as lunch and snacks daily.

THE MODERN CLASSROOM - Educational Tours for students


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