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We are pleased to introduce to you The Modern Classroom - Educational Tours for students , a well established travel company that focusses primarily on student tours. As a brand we tailor make educational tours and experiences for schools . This helps students  understand, experience and learn outside the confines of a traditional classroom. All of this is coupled with loads of fun and travel around the world.

Since its inception,The Modern Classroom tours have been a huge success. We have had  wonderful opportunities to work with schools such as the Delhi Public School, Jain International Residential School, Presidency School, Gear Innovative and National Public School - Koramangala amongst others.

We have travelled with many students from these schools on educational trips to destinations such as USA ,Europe,UK and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands . These tours have empowered our young student travellers to expand their horizons and treasure memories that last a lifetime.


Some of Our Awesome Educational Tours for Students


Meet an Astronaut. Experience a space simulation. Build a drone. The Modern Classroom literally takes the learning to the next level with this US tour that exposes the students to a variety of experiences such as space exploration, universal studios, Hershey’s Chocolate world ending finally with the New York City Tour


Learn about Island Ecology. Experience Reef, Rainforest, Beach and Mangrove Ecosystems. Scuba Dive. There is so much to explore on these islands. The Modern Classroom has designed this tour to impart environmental education to students by exposing them to immense biological diversity of the islands. It includes walks, interactive sessions, games, talks, etc. to create the best learning experience for the youngsters.


What is the Universe made of? How did it start? What are the basic constituents of matter? As students travel with The Modern Classroom to Europe’s Centre for Nuclear Research, CERN, they get to interact with real scientists and learn about the fundamental structure of the universe. This tour also covers Madame Tussaud's Wax museum, Jaguar manufacturing unit, Nestle chocolate factory and the Emirates football stadium.


We Are Good At Some Stuff And Very Good At Other Stuff

Because we are India’s best travel education partner and the managements of top ranked schools believe in us


    Safety of your child is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we ensure that 1 teacher travels per 15 students.

    A travelling photographer accompanies the touring children to ensure parents get day-to-day updates.

    An experienced tour guide accompanies your children so that your kids get maximum learning and exposure








Curated and Customized journeys especially for you


Space Exploration. Marine biology. Nuclear Particle Research. Reef Teach Program. Choose from one of the many unique experiences offered around the world.


Based on your budget, timelines and learning needs we help you customise your Journey in a way that suits your requirements so that you return with no regrets.


We help you with the entire planning, travel and safety arrangements. Teachers are assigned and picked to travel with your group of students. Every 15 students travel with one teacher.


Your kids discover, experience and leverage experiences outside their classrooms to not only enhance their knowledge but also to become better individuals.


We value your feedback and take it very seriously

“Travel is a great learning experience. And it is very important for students to experience such an educational travel experience so that they take travel as part of their life. The Modern Classroom team has been phenomenal and we look forward to do such trips time and again."

Manju Balasubramam

Principal, DPS North Bangalore
“Real life experiences like these cannot be substituted at all. Children travel beyond the shores of our country and interact with students their own age from other places and see the world outside. All this would have been impossible without the excellent arrangements by The Modern Classroom."

Manju Sharma

Principal, DPS South Bangalore
"Learning is an integral part of student life, learning is not confined to the classrooms alone. Children learn much when they are taken outside the classroom"
educational trip

Manila Carvalho

Principal, DPS East, Bangalore


We Are Personally Involved in every school trip to ensure safety and security.


Tour Organiser & Director

Yasin Sharieff is the brainchild and the visionary behind The Modern Classroom tours. An influencer by nature, Yasin has been in the travel industry for as long as he can remember. He believes that the best learning happens outside of a classroom and travelling is the best tool to achieve this. his hands-on expertise and knowledge make him the leader that he is.
Yasin's enthusiasm, energy and positivity through a trip keeps us worry free. Always.
He hopes to be able to show the world to every child he knows.

Mahaboobulla Khan

Tour Organiser & Director

Mahaboobulla, popularly known as Mr. KK or Kennedy Khan, for his astounding number of visits to the Kennedy Space Centre U.S.A. (NASA) over 30 times, is the backbone of The Modern Classroom tours. His experience and knowledge of over two decades in the travel industry has made The Modern Classroom, a dream project once upon a time, come to life.
KK's uncanny ability to connect with children makes him a star at all our trips. His energy and what he brings to every trip gives us enough motivation to continuously do what we do best every single time.


Tour Director

Johny, as he is more affectionately referred to, has been involved with the tour directing and photography extensively over the last few years. He also works with a lot of children from various schools as a theatre teacher.
He’s a professional diver, dancer and a film maker and more than anything else he doubles up as our source to non-stop humour at all our trips. So if you find yourself on a trip with him, we guarantee you that it would be a trip to remember.


Tour Director

She is a Tour Director and Photographer by profession. When she is not working, she is traveling and trying out new cuisine. Her love for Bollywood adds that fun element to the travel, especially during educational tours.


Tour Director

He loves the outdoor and travel and adventure sports. He has a huge bag of bad jokes that are usually a hit with the kids while travelling on educational tours.


Tour Director

An avid traveller and SCUBA diving Instructor, Abheshek joined our team early in 2016. Having worked with some of the best SCUBA diving schools in the world, he was keen to share with the future generations his knowledge and passion for the ocean, marine life and it's conservation.

Together, we created several informative and hands-on learning programs as part of The Modern Classroom tours, with the aim of bringing students, our future, closer to nature.

Abheshek is always our go-to guy when it comes to safety on our trips. This comes as no surprise as he is an internationally certified Emergency First Responder, which means that children are in the safest hands while on tour.

Craig ‘D’ Rozario

Manager Operations

The Ticketing expert – Mr. Craig, makes sure that we have a hassle free experience when it comes to all aspects of ticketing and visas. His experience of over 25 years helps with troubleshooting in his departments and getting us the best possible deals to make The Modern Classroom tours commercially viable for everyone.

Shanthi Natrajan

Tour Director

Been with us for more than 15 years and simply great with kids, makes Shanti the perfect tour Director for The Modern Classroom tours. Her experience with group travels has made her one of our most sought out Tour Directors'.

Riyaz Khan

Logistics Manager

Trips to Visa offices are like a visit to a holy place for us. Without Riyaz, these trips feel rather empty and boring. Riyaz manages all our trips to Visa offices across the country and the kids love him. He loves fitness and loves the posing for the camera. He is dependable and believes in planning everything to the dot.


Marketing Executive

Vaishnavi, manages all communication that goes out to all our existing and potential clients. Goes without saying that she loves interacting with people and she is mostly the bearer of good news to all of us. Ofcourse, about new leads on the business front.

Abdul Mahin


The youngest and newest employee in our team. Abdul is constantly proving himself with the opportunities given to him at work. His energy is contagious and we see him travelling with us on The Modern Classroom tours really soon.

Nadia Khatib

Manager Operations Leisure

The backbone and the strength of our  backend operations. Her responsibility is to ensure that all variables such as hotels, restaurants, attractions, transfer are in place during our travel. With an industry experience of 9 years, she has provided immense support throughout.

Ramesh Nair

Finance Head

Popularly known as Malbhari, Ramesh is our 'Lead Accounting Executive'. Money Man of 'The Modern Classroom' tours, he heads the accounting, and oversees the commercial aspects of all our trips.

Jai Kumar

Assistant Finance Head

As a team in Accounts, Mr. Jai Kumar keeps the accounting and financial processes of the company up to standard. He assists with all the financial aspects for The Modern Classroom tours.

Syed Ismail

Asst. Logistics Manager

The oldest employee of our company is Mr. Ismail, is highly trustworthy and believes in "action speaks louder than words". Simple, calm and quiet by nature and never says ‘NO’ for anything that has been told.

Vijay Kumar

Collection Officer

The most efficient and hardworking employee who runs errands for us. Be it collecting or handing over of documents, passports or any other office related work.
Most difficult days are when he is on leave and we always want him – The most reliable person at work.


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